Volume III Notes


Written with Michael Hearst (One Ring Zero) who is a creator of projects, writer of music
(and children’s books), and connector of people. I won’t attempt to list it all, so:
michaelhearst.com. This song is about guarded happiness, life off radar, secrets, and love.


Love this! So much fun to sing these words. This song is about choosing a song, and
choosing in general. And putting an end to pretend. And about how music can save the
night. Music written by my hilarious and talented friend Kraig Jordan (The Masons), who is
good at putting, and keeping, things in perspective. Kraig, you rule.

Far Away and Hard to See

These words were pulled from a short story sent to me by Mary Gaitskill ~ most lines
are directly lifted from the narrative. Mary’s story, “Wish Fulfillment”, was written for a
compilation called Noise: Fiction Inspired by Sonic Youth. Link to the story:
I am proud of this song ~ my first written from prose. Another song about decisions and
Music by Michael Hearst.

Hidalgo Street

There are many streets in Mexico named for Miguel Hidalgo ~ this one is on Isla
Mujeres, Yucatan, where I wrote the words for this. I’d just spent the night talking with a
woman who told me story after story of local lore and history, all of them intense and
centered around women: the devoted and difficult pilgrimages of Maya women to the
island sanctuary of the goddess Ixchel; the fishwives and pirate mistresses who
governed while their partners were at sea; a very terrible pirate humbled and driven
crazy by unrequited love for a local girl called The Brunette; sightings of the Virgin
walking on the water. Walking back to my room later, I thought of these stories as little
globs of song buried in the sand and floating in the bay, and of generations of girls
finding them, and leaving their own.
Music by Dean Fisher.

Cygnet Song

This song is sweet and quiet and gorgeously played by Manolis Famellos. It also kind of
tidily wraps the overarching (and overworked) concept of this series, and that would be
a great back story for it. But it was actually written years ago for an album that
Manolis and Mark Eitzel and I were starting to work on together, as follow-up to
an album that Mark and Manolis made called The Ugly American. Then, unfortunately and
almost simultaneously, Mark was unable to continue and I had a small but ugly breakdown, and
Manolis was left confused and with an album full of beautiful, unsung songs. (There is
no way to apologize to him in proportion, and no way to express how deeply I regret
this.) But Manolis did finish the album (sung by Jessica Kilroy) and I will be trumpeting
that release when it happens, because it is beautiful. (www.famellos.gr)