Bonus Tracks Notes

Silver in Your Palm

Written with my relatively new (but fast) friend Steve Lawson. I met Steve backstage at
a Throwing Muses show in London in 2014, and we hit off immediately. After that tour, I
fell in love with his gorgeous instrumental bass music, and pestered him for a song.
The words that came to me when he sent me this piece of music were exactly as I’d
expected (and wanted) ~ dreamlike, colorful, true.

Mr. Swan

I’ve known Robyn Hitchcock for 23 years or so, and loved his music well before that.
He is one of my lyrical heroes, both in song and conversationally. I adore him. And I’m
very glad that he took my request for a “Swan Song” literally. The opening lines taught
me this: though this is no longer the case, the eating of swans in the UK was once
allowed only to the English monarchy. (Also, the Queen owns all the mute swans in

Send Me Your Next Nightmare

This is the first song written with fellow Belly comrade Tom Gorman in 20+ years. Tom
and I share a lot of space in terms of musical loves and writing style, and we were very
harmonious writing partners in the Belly days. And for those reasons, this song’s lyrics
and melody came to me in about 15 minutes. It was like stepping into a very familiar
room. I see (and feel) this song as a bridge connecting Belly’s past and present.

Wild Love

I wrote this one with Will Dailey, a musician and songwriter (and friend) whom I admire
very much. There is real beauty in Will’s songwriting and playing, which inspired these
sweet and unusually (for me) clear lyrics. And our voices blend well together, I think —
a bonus. (I don’t know the couple in this song, but I wish them well.)

Storm Blown Bird

I was a Damon and Naomi fan before we became friends, and was nervous and excited
to work with them. We share an attraction to winding, non-linear, tempo-mixing music,
and this is definitely apparent in this song. The main body was recorded live, with a few
overdubs ~ happily old-school, and an extremely fun day. The musicality of these two
people is inspiring, and wonderful to experience. A song about running into the night.

In Your Name

Another song about running into the night, written with Tom Gorman. Tom and I both
love Ennio Morricone, and may have unknowingly tapped into that love a little bit here.
This is a big, heartfelt, high drama, and hopeful one.


Another Rick Moody collaboration, but this time we switched roles: he wrote the music,
and I wrote the words. This is a true story, the postscript to a letter I never wrote. (The
best way to end this series.)